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10k Gold Sprout Ring
10k Gold Sprout Ring
10k Gold Sprout Ring

10k Gold Sprout Ring

Symbolizing the beauty of inner growth ~

✿ 2mm band, 5x3mm emeralds ✿ 

◦ hand-placed with Swarovski emeralds ◦
◦ each ring is hand-crafted to fit you ◦
◦ custom engraving of your choice inside the band ◦
◦ hand-crafted by a jeweler with over 40+ years of experience ◦

♡ make sure your ring size is ACCURATE
if you are unsure of your ring size, you can go to any local jewelry store to get measured :)  

♡ provide USA measurements for sizing ♡
you can find ring charts online that can help you convert measurements as appropriate

♡ wrong ring size? ♡
please email birduyen13@gmail.com ASAP! if we have not shipped yet, we can fix the sizing!


♡ design variations ♡ 
please note that all rings are uniquely handmade, so there's no two alike!


♡ how long will it take? ♡
sprout ring is hand-made from scratch (literally from a block of gold), so please allow at least a week for completion! 


thank you for your patience ~